29th March 2021

Six Minutes to Midnight locations: Where in Wales was Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard's film shot?

Photo Credit: Eddie Izzard at Llansteffan Castle (Image: Sky Cinema Original)

The locations include Gothic mansions to castle ruins and gorgeous beaches

Six Minutes To Midnight is the Wales-filmed Sky Cinema Original released on Friday, March 26, and people who saw the making of the movie here have been waiting three years to see the finished product on screen.

Locations seen on screen are from across south Wales, even though the film is set in an English seaside town.

Six Minutes To Midnight sees Dame Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard head up the cast of the 1930s-set thriller which is based at a boarding school where the daughters of the Nazi High Command attend.

Izzard is Thomas Miller, a teacher who uncovers the sinister Nazi plot to spread propaganda via the school and struggles to get the authorities to believe him. Dench is the head teacher who employs him.

The locations in the movie are both as imposing and sinister as they are impressive.

Llansteffan Castle & Beach, Carmarthenshire

Back in July 2018 residents in Llansteffan would have amazingly seen a 1952 Beach Expeditor aircraft simulate a crash on their beach.

It was part of the action for the film, set before WWII.

There are also scenes in the stunning Llansteffan Castle, which is a lovely place to visit if you're ever down that part of the world

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